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In this debut bestseller, a shooting at the media company of Harris Simmons has left its legendary CEO dead and the company President, the wealthy and powerful African American wunderkind, Donald Alexander, in a coma.  


Harris Simmons, led by the CEO and President team of Gill Harris and his heir apparent Don Alexander, is a world-class company in the midst of an unparalleled period of performance.  But behind the scenes, there are long-simmering tensions that have heated up to a roiling boil.


As he begins a transformative change in the company, Alexander hires star executive Kwame Mills.  When gunshots ring out, it is Mills who is summoned to the scene of the crime and becomes a central figure in the murder mystery that a contingent of hungry gossip reporters quickly turn into the talk of the city.


The police investigation that follows reveals Harris Simmons to be a place with dark secrets, predatory actors and master abusers of power and privilege.

And when the case is solved, it won’t be quiet. It will be dramatic and change the company of Harris Simmons forever.

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