About The Author: Darius Myers



Author Darius Myers's  fictional world of wealthy african-americans, murder mayhem and revenge and a powerful secret society is fast becoming a guilty pleasure for his growing following of readers.   To date there are four books completed, but Myers anticipates more novels to be added to the series.

"There's a lot yet to be done.  I'm far from finished with these characters and their adventures.  They are still fun for me and I hope to do minimally four more books."

Mr. Myers is a New York City-based fiction writer. Previously he was a marketing and media industry executive and entrepreneur who held senior roles at leading media companies that included Time Warner (Fortune and Sports Illustrated), Gannett (USA Today), and the CBS Magazine Group (now Hachette Magazines).


He earned an undergraduate degree in communications with a focus on journalism from the CW Post College of Long Island University.  Mr. Myers also received an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, where he attended as a Time Warner Scholar.  He once tested the laws of gravity and lived to tell about, and still believes in the ability of mortals to fly.