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Dazed By Death

The fourth book in this best-selling suspense and thriller series finds the city in mourning while murder, mayhem and revenge continue.  


Teddy Walker managed to hold off a race war, but now, with the death of key New Yorkers, tensions are high and revenge is on the minds of forces he can't control.

Digby Yates and his political aspirations are also undaunted.  He remains focused on his ambitions and begins courting a powerful but flawed southern televangelist family who will provide his campaign the media support it needs to win political votes.

Secret Society member Senator Janet Bivens has reluctant ambitions for the highest office, and her team of advisers want her to go for it.  


Donald Alexander made a big decision, too. He announces to the public what friends and associates have long hoped he'd do. He follows Oliver's command to take his power and wealth and do some good.

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